Excel training is a must, not a ‘nice to have’. Correct data analysis and reporting is a core requirement for any business that wants to stay relevant in its field.

Microsoft Excel is a tool that has stood the test of time when it comes to easily accessible software that allows for quick analysis of data for reporting – ‘export to Excel’ anyone? It is also a powerful tool that allows for the manipulation of data into endless formats, and allows for the automation of processes. With automation, your business can save time and effort, whilst maintaining accuracy. The time that you save can then be diverted into value add projects/analysis/other activities. Training is a win, win situation!

Consider the following, how much Excel training do you and your team have? How comfortable do you feel maneuvering through the software? Are you concerned about the accuracy of any existing documents/models you are currently using?

We offer tailored Excel training and post training support to help you achieve that dream team.

Three things make the training at Solve & Excel Consultancy special:

  1. Tailored training to your specific business needs. Did you know that Excel contains over 500 formulas and functions. We will spend time reviewing your business processes, and help you find, understand and use those relevant to you and your people. Of course, we will cover the Excel basics too.
  2. Personal support the week after in person training. For for those moments when you can’t quite remember what to do next or, why the error keeps coming up in your newly learned formula.
  3. Continued support for you after we leave! Use our high quality YouTube Channel content, where you can continue to access relevant videos and ask questions long after we have left. Subscribe here.

Did you know Excel contains over 500 functions? Find out which ones are useful to you with our tailored training. Book your tailored course today.