Our core aim at Solve & Excel Consultancy is to help businesses unlock lasting efficiencies. We achieve this through process improvements and an empowered workforce. Time is literal money when running a company, and we want to help you save time.

Our mission is in the name, we want to help you Solve your challenges and help your business Excel.

The firm was born from passion. Here is a little more about our founder, Debora.

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“I love the world of business. I love helping companies appreciate their current situation, where they want to be, and set in motion real change to make their expectations a reality.

Following a decade plus of roles in various company sizes and industries, I recognized a consistent pattern. Many see the need to change their processes, systems and the way they perform their tasks to get slicker, faster, accurate outputs. However, they lack (through no fault of their own), the time, resource, know-how, motivation or all the latter to get those changes done. This is where I come in.

My track record is strong, I have yet to meet an issue I cannot solve, and I intend to keep it that way! I get a thrill out of fixing messy situations, the bigger the challenge the better. I delight in working closely with the business to assess the current situation, crafting a solution and charting a course to the new world.

The key to my success? A CAN-do attitude (‘challenge, adapt, innovate’) along with a good sense of humour. There is always, ALWAYS a solution, it’s a matter of being patient, persistent and innovative enough to find it.

I look forward to working with you.”

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