Do you have time consuming, tedious tasks that uses structured data and calculations to produce an output? Does the output lack consistency in accuracy and timeliness? Do you struggle to get meaningful analysis and interpretation from your data? Chances are you need an Excel model; and perhaps also our Data Analysis service.

What is an Excel Model, and what does it do?

An Excel model uses structured data and Excel formulas and functions to produce a standardized output quickly and consistently. In the right hands, tasks can be streamlined and automated, increasing speed of completion whilst maintaining accuracy. Leaving your staff free to focus on ‘value add’ activities.

Recently Completed Models

To give you an idea of their power, we worked with a business with a process that took 2 weeks to complete. We got it down to 2 days by combining Process Improvement with Excel Modelling. In the end, we saved the client 56 hours (8 days) of effort every month. Yes, we are THAT good.

In another company, we built an economic landscape forecasting model to monitor the UK and Ireland markets for a particular industry. There were several sets of publicly available data that we used to achieve this. For completeness, we also used several internal data sets to drive an economic forecast of the company. The completed model compared the two side by side to see how well the company was tracking versus the industry. Impressed?

Consider how much time can we save you if worked together. What can you do with all that extra time back?

Take some time to think about the processes that take up a large chunk of time and effort to complete. Then contact us today to kick start discussions on what we can do for you.