Excel Tailored Training

Tell us your requirements and we will design our training to support you.

Overview of the day

Each training day comes with a workbook with three scenarios. One that we work through together as a team, a second to practise individually in the afternoon to check understanding, a third to take away and practise further. The workbook will be available to the students at the start of that course day.

On the day, the class will be provided with light refreshments (complementary fruit and snacks) to keep up energy levels and concentration. Lunch will not be provided. Quizzes (with prizes!) and videos will be used to re-enforce learning and keep the mood jovial. A larger quiz will be used start and end of class to help the students appreciate how much they have grown in knowledge from the day.

Typical day – 7 hours.

Post training, each attendee has up to 1 hour of 1-1 support for 5 working days after the training day to contact Solve & Excel Consultancy and ask for support related to what has been covered.

Excel Tailored Training

Tell us your requirements and we will design our training to support you.

7 hrs | Maximum attendees: 10

£359 + VAT

(per attendee)

solve. excel.

Three things make the training at Solve & Excel Consultancy special:

Training based on scenarios. Our training is built around scenarios and storytelling rather than a to-do list of learning. This method leads to a more enjoyable and memorable training session for all.

Tailored training: Did you know that Excel has over 500 functions? As well as teaching the commonly used functions, we can tailor our training to focus on those relevant to your company.

Continued support after we leave: We provide 1-1 support for all attendees lasting 5 working days after the training day. It is perfect for those moments when you can’t quite remember what to do next or, why the error keeps coming up in your newly learned formula! There is also our free YouTube Channel content, where you can continue to access relevant videos and ask questions long after we have left. Subscribe here.

Excel Calculator

Good training is an invaluable investment that can offer returns for a lifetime.

Interested in a booking a training class for you and your team? We have created a calculator to help guide your planning. Please feel free to call us for further information.

  1. Choose the course from the drop down menu
  2. Type in the number of attendees expected – bearing in mind the maximum number of attendees per class
  3. Type in the postcode of where training will be. The first half of the postcode will suffice. The postcode will also determine if there will be a travel fee added to the cost
  4. Select if you would require a training room to be booked.

Please note that the calculator serves as a guide only.

Excel humor:
What is the most used function in a programme?
‘Export to Excel’.

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